Monday, 15 October 2012

zombie come, zombie go - the Texas-Pori exchange

I've signed up to a creepy craft swap back in August. Namely, the Zombies in Fairytale Land swap hosted by countess Val de YarniGras.

Like a good mad professor I laboured over my zombie with a mix of love and obsession, then sent it on its way to Texas. The deal was that someone else in Texas will do the same and replace my crooked creature with their very own mad creation.

And that is exactly what happened.
You've already seen a sneak peek here - let me fill in the gaps now and finally show you the creature that I have brought to life from my ghoulish master plan with my skill of monstrous design.

So can you guess which fairytale character I made into a zombie? Clue: her proof of identity is half a pair of glass slipper....

Then the postman came and handed a HUGE box to me. Presenting the goodies inside was zombie Snow White who has the best Tim Burton-esque stare and the softest knitted hands - she is very attached to her poison apple even though I told her she probably ended up dead because of it...

The Texan mad professor was Kerry Ann and she revealed how she crafted her creature in this account here. There were many more creatures in this swap; you can view the zombie line-up over here.

Linking up with Under the Table and Dreaming and with The Gunny Sack this week to show off my creation.


  1. i love the idea of a zombie swap. I love your zombie, the amount of detail you put on it. the back of her head is amazing.

    1. Thanks for popping by and for your lovely comment and praises - after her dangly eye the back of her head was my favourite part to make :)

  2. oh wow, you did incredible job! I love all the little details. and your present is also pretty cool!

    1. thanks Maša! it was a true labour of love :)

  3. Those felted spiders are incredible! If you feel like making a tutorial for them, I'd totally make them! =)

    1. ta Anja! :) In the weekend I'll try to squeeze in the tute crafting and hopefully I'll have it up on here next week :)

  4. This is all completely adorable! :)
    I love the crystal slipper... I specially like the embroidered "wounds" on the side of her head. So disturbing and pretty at the same time.

    Thank you for visiting earlier, Anikó! I'm off to explore your blog!



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