Tuesday, 23 October 2012

lucky mail: flower art from Poland & from Mexico

I've been lucky enough to win wonderful things - have I mentioned that yet? wink, wink... 
And not just any lucky thing, but beautiful art made by amazing artists, and both in a flower theme!

Julia's parcel to me was filled with pressed flowers, tiny hand-painted stickers and handmade paper.

She writes her dreamy blog The Sheer Stories about delicate photography and nature-inspired creativity. 

She gave away a wall hanging that she and her equally talented carpenter boyfriend made. It's now hanging in our living room, adding a touch of Polish country home like hers to the thrifted eclectica of ours.

Julia is incredibly creative and she shares all of it on her blog. See how she makes citrus peel candles, or different things out of flowers like natural ink or ice cream.

Shortly after, I received  another piece of flower art - this time all the way from Mexico - and what came through my letter box was an original watercolour by the amazing Geninne!

She was giving away this unique piece of hers, with a bar of gourmet chocolate and a sweet paper posy in tow, to celebrate her birthday on her blog.

I'm very excited to own a piece by her; I'm looking for the perfect frame to frame it in.

The pink pepper chocolate is delicious! We've been enjoying it with friends and family. I still have a few squares left but probably not for long, it goes too well with my afternoon coffee....

If you ever wondered what does the creative space of a modern Mexican artist look like, see Geninne's sunny home studio here.

One bloggie thing I always look forward to each month is her calendar wallpaper, always illustrated with her favourite flora & fauna.

She collects vintage postal ephemera which she uses ingeniously in her art.

Thank you both Julia and Geninne for your amazing giveaways! All of your precious handcrafted gifts have come to a very appreciating home.


  1. Julias gifts are amazing! I'm glad you enjoyed everything. Thank you for such a lovely post! :-) Hugs from sunny Mexico. xoxo, Geninne.

    1. thank YOU Geninne :)
      i thought your art pieces complement each other so nicely.


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