Friday, 19 October 2012

flea friday: a bird, some bearded ladies & Soviet crockery

Today's finds are about simple pleasures. 

I've found a sweet little hand carved wall plaque capturing a bird perched on a twig. The wood is extremely lightweight, I wonder what sort of wood it might be... balsa? I find its naivety and obvious hand-craftedness lovely and interesting. 

On the reverse, there is evidence of the carver practicing his or her craft; plus a resourceful example of how to hang pictures: piece of leather and thumb tacks.

The following pieces of tableware were found on separate occasions, but I photographed them together because they seem to mark the beginning of a spontaneous collection...

They are all by the Russian Konakovo Porcelain Factory and most bear the stamp Made in USSR.
I like certain Soviet Era designs, so I was quite happy to come across plates and bowls this lovely.

They seem to pop up quite often around here and are not very pricey at all - each piece were between 50 cents and a euro - so I'm hoping to be able to grow my collection without restraint.

We love our coffee. We love our espresso in the morning and our decaf americano in the afternoon. And we like to store our precious ground beans in good airtight tins.

I picked up this gem from 1976 for cheap - I suppose it was priced down due to the tarnish.
But guess what - on the inside it's perfectly impeccable and the tarnish on the outside is in perfectly funny places.

This way we get our coffee from not just a lovely vintage tin adorned with lovely art nouveau ladies - but from a lovely tin adorned with ladies who sport a 'tash and a beard!

What a great thing to be looking at first thing in the morning - they make me smile every time.

I'm linking up with Sir Thrift A Lot, with Apron Thrift Girl, with Cap Creations and with A Living Space today.

More vintage finds same time next week!


  1. What nice finds, I like the plates, the flowers are really nice. Did you get this all from fleamarkets? Are they still going on in finland? In Germany the "season" is almost over, thats why I went to this goodwill-like-store and found that fondue pot. I was really lucky, some hours later it would we already sold.
    Have a nice weekend Aniko!

    1. well - the fleamarkets i go to are all indoors, and they go on all year round :)
      they are called literally that - kirppu tori, flea market - and the system is that they rent small shelf/table/rail combinations to anyone who wants to sell their unwanted things, any old rubbish or more refined collectables. They give you a number so you don't have to man stalls just make sure you write this number on every price sticker.

      So that's the fleamarket here :) which is good because the winters are long and boring, so at least i can still play my favourite 'sport' - hunt for stuff at the indoor fleas :)

      I decided I'll make a little blogpost on these indoor flea markets next week, so thanks for your question!

      You have a lovely weekend too - hope you figure out a way to display your new fondue pot, it's a beauty!

  2. Mahtava kahvipurkki! :) Tykkään myös noista venäläisistä lautasista. Itse löysin kirpparilta vastikään kauniin teekannun, josta voisin muistaessani joskus kuvan blogiin laittaa.

    1. Kiitos! :)
      Do post up the teapot, I love seeing other people's finds! Liking the handknits you do, i really have to learn how to make wool socks, i think i'll need them in the winter!

  3. What beautiful finds! I love the art on the tin. What will you put in there? :)

    1. thanks Louise! :)
      i've put our espresso coffee in there. it's one of the most frequently used things in our kitchen, on par with the coffee maker :) i'd like to think i've given a good home to this sweet old tin...

  4. Lol! That is too funny, a 'tash and a beard! Love it! Thank you for sharing at Cap Creations.


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