Monday, 14 July 2014

why do i make & write - my process, and a blog hop

With the blog turning two years old I've been reading old posts, mulling over why and how this little space started out... So when Bee invited me to take part in a blog hop to share about my creative process, it felt very timely.

Bee writes her blog The Linen Cloud from Northern Ireland - I started following her to have a little bit of countryside living in my small towner life. The title of her blog makes me think of fresh laundry billowing in the wind like big clouds of linen. Pay her a visit and take a virtual stroll in her beautiful garden!

As part of the blog hop, I was asked to answer some questions about how I create. I hope you'll enjoy a little insight into how my creative cogs work.

What am I working on?

Right now I'm working through my year's to-do list, while counting down the weeks to the birth of our first baby. I'm halfway through sewing a maternity dress and next on the list is a hanging organizer for baby's tiny wardrobe. I'm leaning towards buying that one instead of making my own from scratch - the list is long and time feels short before it's all about breastfeeding and nappy laundering...

How does my work differ from others' in its genre?

Idle Needle is mainly a personal blog with a crafting, thrifting and home-making interest. A sort-of flexible journal of what I'm into and what I do, and it's my little corner of the world wide web.

In terms of what I make with my hands - I do so many different 'genres' of crafting and making, maybe it all differs from others' because I haven't found my focus yet. I'm still trying to feel out what I should do with the creative itch in me, searching for my true direction. Everything I make is part of that search.

Why do I create what I do?

My creative outlets - taking pictures, writing, sewing - have been with me on and off since childhood. There are drawings, diaries, out-of-focus black&white photos, fancy dress costumes and the like from when I was a kid; and if I didn't throw most of it out in a pith of teenage angst there'd be journals and poems and more drawings from my teen years. And some DIY goth outfits too, lest I forget...

I write my blog to follow my various interests. For one, I write about junk-store finds - their beauty or quirkiness, their researchable or imagined history excites me. It's nice to have a place to share the passion with others.

I also feel the need to record my crafty endeavors. Keeping a blog motivates me to organize and simplify my ideas to get to the finished stage. I used to be terrible with finishing projects, always procrastinating and over-complicating. The blog really helps me to rise beyond that tendency.

How does my creative process work?

My creative process is like a crazy scribble that buzzes all the time and needs calming, sorting and straightening out into a focal point. I guess it could be called a process of simplifying chaos. It's true of both my craft projects and my blog writing.

I write drafts of blog posts as I think - rambling, with too many words and too many tangents. I press save, then edit everything down later. Sometimes I ask my boyfriend to proofread - he's a huge help by being honest but kind.

For my making I get inspired by childhood memories, art, thrifty resourcefulness and what I see around myself... Ideas spring up in my mind every day, stemming and sprouting new ones, better ones, distracting ones, filling various notebooks, lists and scraps of paper. The blog being a good discipliner, it forces me to think in a short time bracket and buckle down to making.

Considering the big picture, I'd love to commit to the one craft and really apply myself to that!

So that's about me - let's pass the baton on to two creative ladies who make and also blog.

Evdokia lives in beautiful Greece and posts about her craft and inspirations on her blog have a ko(o)kie. She makes gorgeous little brooches of ceramics and wood, but her latest creation was in textile -a bunny with dangly ears and legs. Her yard is always full of kittens and she has good movie recommendations!

Lisa from Big Little gives a new lease of life to thrifted wool blankets as pixie hats, coats and booties - recently she had a new boot design that made me swoon. Her embroidery is delicate and nature inspired. She lives in a many-tiered tree house in the rain forest in New Zealand.

Do hop over to say hello to both girls and spy what they are up to! In a week's time it's Evdokia's and Lisa's turn to share about their creative process.

Thanks again Bee for inviting me to blog hop - it's been fun!


  1. Thanks so much for taking part Aniko. It has been lovely learning about your creative process and some more about you. It seems we are very similar! Lovely photos. Bee xx

    1. thanks for reading Bee - I also feel that we have lots in common! :)
      x x

  2. aniko! lovely words to read!

    1. thank you! looking forward to next monday x

  3. Hi! I discovered your blog yesterday and this post was wondering, giving me insight into your making process. Thanks for sharing.

    1. hi Regina, thanks for popping by and reading!


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