Wednesday, 2 July 2014

ten weeks to go...

Okay, I'm really getting near. What? Well, the birth. It feels very near when you say it out loud...ten weeks. I guess it's because if you wanted you can count it down on your two hands.

I thought let's have another breather. Another post with an update amongst all the crafty projects on the go...because there's only ten weeks left, and I might have to slow down a bit.

So, how's everything? How's us doing?

I'm getting big and round, but still in the limits thank goodness. I'd not like to buy another pair of maternity jeans - even if thrifted. Actually I was majorly relieved by my weigh-in at the monthly check-up. Fear was wrongly induced the week before when I stood on a second-hand bathroom scale in a junk shop. It suggested a whoopping 8-kilo weight gain... Even though I knew it must have been the crazed communications of a broken scale, I still feared the worst until I saw more familiar looking numbers displaying on the maternity nurse's device.

I still sleep well at night so I exercise that skill a lot while I can. Baby however exercises his kicking legs and punching arms in the night, which is fine. For one, it's a good thing, it means that he's developing as he should be, and for another, I seem to be able to sleep through it while - like the other night - dreaming funny stuff like having a kangaroo's pouch with an over-zealous little human peeking out of it.

In spite of all that good sleep, I'm rather zonked out on some days and keep running out of steam quicker than I'd like to. We've moved some furniture around the other day to accommodate the baby's bed and the yet-to-be-thrifted nappy changing table. Uhm, well it was more like boyfriend moved some all the furniture around, and I walked after him carrying small things from one room to the other and back, huffing and puffing.

While trying to make sense of the apartment and the storage in preparation of a baby moving in soon, I looked at the leaning tower of thrifted cloth nappies too. After counting, I decided that I might have managed to gather EVERY cloth nappy we shall need for the first three (maybe six?) months. But who knows - cloth nappies are still a total mystery to me, despite that I started reading up on them as soon as I saw that second line on the pee test.

Because it feels quite close now, we've been thinking about the birth a lot. We've been discussing natural birthing, partly inspired by close friends' advice and partly because of reading birth stories like this one (warning: images of birthing!). Both me and boyfriend fancy an as natural a delivery as possible. So I'm practicing breathing techniques and will soon begin dosing up on raspberry leaf tea. Then we'll see. In ten weeks. All those variables will become crystal clear then.

I still keep busy with my ongoing projects. BUT. Looking through the line-up of scheduled posts and the to-do list I can't help to think that it's all a touch idealistic perhaps. You see, I get rather exhausted just by standing next to the ironing board... So I decided that I will reduce the speed a little according to the day's need. And that might mean that the completion of the to-do list projects get a bit drawn out.

The blog's second anniversary is coming up in mid-July which I've been much looking forward! I already thought out the giveaway and everything. BUT. It might have to happen in August instead of on the day - I'm still halfway with making the prize/s. I hope an August celebration would be okay with you guys too.

All in all, the main thing about right now is that only ten weeks left until we meet our little one - and until then preparations, preparations, preparations and reduced speed with everything else!

PS. Thank you all for your wonderful comments on the 'waiting' post! I was very touched by the response - it feels ever so nice that the emotions and experiences I go through right now speak to, and even are known by so many others! x


  1. time passes very quick :)
    and i will be waiting for your lovely giveaway!

  2. How exciting! I hope all your preparations go well :)


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