Monday, 21 July 2014

mama dress untangled - and wrapped up

Not every project can and will go the way you think it will, not every time. As a 'sewist' and a crafter, and an average human being, I know this.

This mama dress was one of those projects, that no matter what, it just seemed destined not to work out.

It had an ominous looking start to begin with, that pattern was crazy. I just didn't want to see it that way. Even my generally supportive boyfriend seemed to be questioning my sanity upon my determination about unscrambling that pattern from the magazine...I know some of you were quite surprised at me too.

So what went wrong?

Well, as soon as I could try it on with shoulders and sides stitched together, it was very obvious that this dress was never going to make me a happy person. I still went on hoping that eventually it will, changing the pattern a bit, leaving off the collar, then the sleeves...but it just didn't want to happen.

Despite how it looks on the hanger, it's billowy and sack-like and makes my body appear like a fat ghost. Now when I look again at the magazine's version of it, even the other model seems to know this. She is obviously cracking up about the pregnant model's barrel-in-a-sack look... I just didn't wan't to see it before.

I've made this dress up in the wrong colour. What was I thinking when I thrifted a white Ikea duvet cover for it - white makes everything seem bigger, be it tiny rooms or no-more-waist pregnant torsos.

This dress just mercilessly swamps me and makes me feel 30 years older. The accessory that would complete it would be a tie-under-the-chin headscarf, and I could go around town looking like this singing Babooshka...

So with a shrug of the shoulders, I wrapped up the project unfinished and put it into the bin. I feel so much better now!

I'm already doing other projects that are promising a good result... and in the meantime, if I found myself yearning for a sack-like swampy dress, I'm sure the junk store round the corner would have at least one for me...


  1. It does look lovely on the hanger! Sorry, the 'fat ghost' bit had me in stitches for a minute, but obviously I really do sympathise. So annoying to have to throw something out you've been working on, but sometimes it's just for the better.

  2. Oh no! I agree with Isabelle, it does look lovely on the hanger. But well, you live and learn - craft disasters are part of the fun, at least in retrospect ;-) The only maternity outfits that I sewed where some tops and a blouse (made from two shirts), and they were really easy to make. xo

  3. i agree with the girls above! if i wasn't reading the words below i would say what a lovely dress :)
    i think the fabric is very pretty.
    anyway the plus is you have tried and didn't give up! x


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