Friday, 18 July 2014

flea friday: mr & mrs eggcup

Maybe about a year ago I saw dashing Mister Pepper and dainty Mrs Salt Eggcup somewhere online, quite possibly on an American thrifty blog. I remember having a heart-throb moment then too - just like when I spotted them in my local Red Cross store the other day.  I love the quirky idea of them but most of all the style of illustration and the colours.

They are from the 1960s, they were made in Japan and all I had to part with for my pair was seventy-five cents. I didn't realize before getting to the checkout but there was a 50% off sale on all kitchenware and bric-a-brac that day. Half off is always double the thrifty luck!

I'm sharing my bargainous finds on my favourite link-ups:


  1. These are so funny! I love the idea of them :)

  2. Jéééééé!! :)

  3. what a lovely couple!
    have a beautiful weekend dear aniko! x

  4. What a fabulous find! Don't you just love that little flutter when you strike thrifting gold! Bee xx

    1. i do! it's one of the things i like about going 'hunting' :)

  5. Oh! They are cute! I have an egg cup collection and find them lovely, lucky you with that find!
    Besos from Argentina,


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