Friday, 25 July 2014

flea friday: cottage rose Pyrex and a jadeite bowl

I had something else lined up for this Friday's post, but because a thrifting trip a couple of days ago yielded some excellent finds, I've been itching to show them off first.

It feels like I haven't added to our Pyrex collection for quite a while - not counting the little French bowl. Good Pyrex dishes don't seem to turn up on the shelves in such numbers and as often as they used to.

To my surprise this very handsome tall Pyrex casserole in superb condition was right there for me to have. Out of all the rose patterns this one is the one I like most, because of the colours. And as soon as I saw it, I was thinking beef bourguignon! Not now in this heatwave though, but in the winter of course...

I'd love to find a lid for it next.

There was also something placed inside the big casserole dish, made of pale green milk glass, that made me first frown then smile in disbelief. I thought to myself: could it be? and turned the bowl to see the bottom. And yes it was! A Fire King jadeite bowl!

I've been reading about Fire King finds and seeing jadeite bowls on American blogs for a long time now, and I can't tell you how many times I commented that Fire King seems so rare in this part of the world, and I've never come across any... Well, now I can say that despite it being seemingly rare here I caught one too, and it only cost a single euro to boot.

There's something very elegant and beautiful about it - I can see how it became so lusted after over the pond. It really looks stunning on a sunny day with strawberries in it, I'll need to photograph it sometime.

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  1. Cute finds! The jadeite is especially pretty. Thanks for introducing me to another possible addiction ;) ... Bee xx

  2. Oh you know I love jadeite, especially at that price!

  3. What luck and excellent prices!

  4. very very very very jealous of that gorgeous bowl!!

  5. You've got me feeling very jealous indeed - I love that stuff!


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