Monday, 28 July 2014

a sunny garden update

I promised a daytime update from the balcony in the previous gardening post, so here is a little report from the sunny side of our modestly sized outdoor space.

It's not been too difficult to take sunny pictures at all - it's been super hot ever since! It's great to see the plants enjoying the weather, sometimes in the company of laundry put out to air dry. But when the heat gets too much, the watering can is their best friend.

There are a few things that have started flowering which makes me very happy, even if the flowers are just little specks of white almost lost in a lot of greenery. The umbrellas of the coriander are so dainty, and it's great to see lots of flowers under the canopy of the bush beans.

In fact, the beans caught up so well that two days after feeding them with a little liquid organic fertilizer they started turning their blossoms into tiny pods. It looks like we are going to have something edible there soon!

The chards on the other hand are not doing so well... They are trying to catch up, having been transplanted into big pots from their eggbox seedbeds, but something is eating them...

After taking the photo, I have nipped off all the suffering leaves in hope that the new ones in the middle might do better. I have to admit I'm a tad pessimistic about them providing smoothie-worthy greens any time soon, but let's see what happens.

According to the forecast the summer weather is continuing, which is great news. However, the often promised spots of thunder and rain seems to avoid us. It'd be nice if the looming, rumbling clouds rained down to relieve the heatwave, but so far they've just been teasing us both - people and thirsty plants.

The green and white life on the balcony will soon be joined by pretty yellow petals - the sedum is to open its starlets any day now, and the sunflowers are looking to be next.

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  1. I always admire folks who (try to) grow their own food. Hope your plants give you lots of healthy green smoothies.

  2. I hope your chard grows back healthy and strong - it's so frustrating when unseen pests ruin our hard work! I ate homegrown beans just tonight, so nice to be able to pick,cook and plate up so fast - tastes so different. Being a pale and freckley lady I am a bit fed up of the heat now - but at a festival this weekend so hoping the rain holds off a bit longer!
    Thanks for joining in again - and apologies for not visiting sooner but I've been away x

  3. How exciting to grow beans on your balcony, I will be watching to see how they do! Hope your chard grows nice and strong, I grew chard for the first time this year (in my mums garden not my balcony) and it's yummy!


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