Monday, 23 June 2014

thai fisherman meets tablecloth

I made a pair of thai fisherman's pants the other day.

Making a pair of yoga pants has been on the list of to-do for this year. I had a few different styles in mind, in a couple of different fabric choices... I settled on trying out the thai fisherman's style first.

They fit the bill perfectly for my current state and purpose, which is six months pregnant going on seven (then eight then nine), need to be comfortable and would like to do some yoga sometimes.

I like the idea that I can still wear them once I gave birth because they are that flexible and also, if I happen to make a different pair in a girly fabric, my boyfriend can wear these ones as they are truly unisex.

I made my pair of thai fisherman's pants out of a vintage Finnish linen tablecloth which cost me a couple of coins from the charity shop. For the cutting and sewing I followed the instructions found here. The tablecloth, before it reincarnated as lounging bottoms:
I highly recommend making a pair as a quick sewing project even for a beginner. The pattern is so simple and straightforward you can even just measure and cut straight on the fabric, drafting a paper pattern is not really necessary. The sewing part is also easy and quick. I started pattern cutting after lunchtime and then I made dinner wearing my new comfy pants! 

Got to love an easy sewing project with a good result!

PS: You will need about 2 metres of fabric for this project - but it's possible to make them out of a tablecloth that measures at least 128cm x 172cm. The trick is to draft a side seam into the legs (so one leg is made of two pieces rather than one piece as in the instructions I referred to) and cut the waistband top hem and the legs bottom hem on the selvage - this saves quite a few centimeters on the turn-ups.


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