Sunday, 8 June 2014

tangled lines to a mama dress

Do you ever use craft magazines to make from?

So far - for many years - I have been an enthusiastic collector of vintage and more recent crafting and sewing mags, as well as a procrastinating, daydreaming, post-it-note sticking bookmarker of their fanciable projects.

I picked up a copy of a mid-1990's sewing magazine from a junk shop a few months back, just when I got pregnant: it had both cloth nappy- and a mama dress pattern.

Then recently I opened the pattern pages and saw a complete tangle in front of me. I'm not a stranger to pattern cutting, making up my own patterns doesn't phase me either, but this crazy mess of lines looks like quite a challenge.

Especially that my pattern pieces, all thirteen of them, are printed in light blue lines... I wished so hard that they were in black ink or at least in red, but no. I got light blue, which is the most tricky to see through the spot and cross pattern paper I use to transfer and draft my sewing patterns onto.

But I'm determined! With some time, a good graphite pencil and a highlighter I will tackle the tangled lines and make that dress. I hope...


  1. What a tangle of lines! Good luck ... Bee xx

  2. My god, that looks like a nightmare! Good luck!

  3. You are a braver woman than I am, good luck, I'm impressed you are even trying it!!

  4. looks really confusing :D
    wish you a good luck with this!

  5. thanks for all your comments and your concerns about the tangled lines - i can't believe but i managed to finish copying out the pattern today! now i have to cut it i a pretty fabric and stitch :) i thought i'd change the pattern slightly to be more like a sleeveless design - but seeing that it's barely 10 degrees in the daytime i think i just stick with the original 3/4 sleeves... will update when I'm done :)


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