Sunday, 1 June 2014

how i know it's summer

Despite the rain-rain-rainy weather and cool temperatures summer IS here. I know it - not just because it's the first of June now. I know it also because...

...little colourful heads and faces are nodding at me from everywhere.

...after the sudden downpours the pollen gathers and decorates the gray pavements with its chalky yellow.

...Eetu the bronze statue drinking from a spring has the water running again.

...and not just the cultivated flowerbeds but even the weeds are beautiful!

...Marimekko has delicious and dreamy summery window displays.

...we can leave the balcony door wide open.

...the dandelions are sending out their parachutes.

...and there is a gorgeous red rose again on the coffee table, marking the end of school. After this I only need to study the stack of baby name books on loan from the library, and the art of folding a cloth nappy!

Have a lovely Sunday and a happy June ahead, people!


  1. Pretty flowers! I love summer too :)

  2. I'm still not convinced, but i'm not used to Portland yet. But the flowers here are *stunning*. Beautiful pics my friend. Merimekko rocks my socks off!

    1. thanks Kari. they do have some sock-rocking prints, wish i had a more indulgent budget i'd definitely be more marimekkoed out in my own place too!

  3. Enjoy your lovely summer Aniko ... Bee xx

  4. beautiful summer traces :)
    happy june aniko!

  5. Love that Marimekko print!
    Summer is here too! I think..
    Wishing a very happy June too! X

  6. Oh the flowers, so beautiful! I need to get out and planting :D But gotta write first.


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