Friday, 20 June 2014

flea friday: a cot & a cot-cot romper

Picking up the thread from last week's post - the item that wasn't left behind in the thrifts by us was this vintage 1960's extendable baby's cot.

Here it is above set in its temporary place in this nook in our bedroom; we will move it closer to my side of the bed when the time is nigh. Until then it will be kept company by one of our favourite wall hangings and lovely old Paddington.

There's not a lot to know about the cot's maker or anything else other than this style of extendable baby's and children's bed was very popular in the scandinavian region from the 1950's onwards and all throughout the retro decades. It's been making a come-back lately but the new versions cost an arm and a leg... we got this sturdy old one in pale custard yellow for a silly small price. We love both the price and the colour.

By the way, please excuse the uninspired choice of linoleum on the floor...we can't do much more about it for the time being than cover as much of it as we can with thrifted rugs of our choice.

So that was the cot - and now the 'cot-cot' romper.

You see, chickens say kot-kot in Hungarian (and in Finnish, and in French...and possibly in many other languages too) - so I couldn't help myself when I thought about the title of today's post.

The same way I couldn't help grabbing the romper without thinking when I saw it in the second hand shop. The pattern was an instant decision maker, and the thinking came later when I looked at the size label at home. I'm still a bit confused about European baby sizing, being more used to the British sizing by age. But as long as next year's summer will be as cold and windy as this year's, baby will be able to wear this cute little terry cloth number.

It is made by Tutta by the way, a very nice Finnish brand who make fun prints in nice fabrics while trying to be as environmentally conscious and innovative as possible when it comes to colour printing on textiles.

We got some other baby clothes too, we are collecting them slowly, but I won't bother you with them in detail.

For next week in fact, I lined up some non-baby themed thrifty finds which I got while going out on a catch-up chat, coffee and quick thrift run with a friend.

I'm sharing this week's loot via my favourite link-ups hosted by Sir Thrift a Lot, We Call It Junking, A Living Space, Me and My Shadow and Thrifter, Maker, Fixer, Farm.


  1. So cool finds! I love the romper. I also have to ask in shops if I want to by some baby clothes for friends.
    If you live for rent you have no influence on the floor that is a fact.
    Have a nice weekend!
    p.s. the chai-coconut-syrup sounds interesting

  2. It's so exciting planning for a new baby! I think the set-up is looking wonderful! Thanks for joining the History & Home link party, take care - Dawn @ We Call It

  3. both cots are beautiful choises! :)
    the bed is so simple and pretty!
    and the romper has lovely, bright colors!
    enjoy your weekend! x

  4. That little cot is so adorable. Every time I see something like that I have to resist the urge to add it to the sewing room to pile baby quilts in. I've already got a perfectly good cradle, and it's not like I've got much room for more furniture in there! :-)


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