Friday, 6 September 2013

flea friday: long forgotten finds

Lately I've been amusing myself by going through some boxes of existing nicknacks at home. It compensated for not being able to get out much, and besides it's nice to rediscover forgotten finds. (By the way, I'm feeling better, thank you friends for all your caring comments and get well wishes! The flu is on its way out!)

I unearthed this ladder pendant that I had bought years ago in a carboot sale somewhere north from London. I have put in on my silver chain after testing it - seems to be silver. What a quirky necklace, wearing it makes me smile.

Then I came across my childhood hanky which has a whole story attached to it. Ready?

My mum bought it for me when I was nursery school age so I could blow my nose if I needed to, like a big girl. She'd fold it small and tuck it into my pocket every morning. She couldn't help but notice that I'd still sniff and wipe my nose into my sleeve as before, as if I'd forgotten about the hanky in my pocket. After much hassle I admitted that I didn't want to use my hanky at all because I loved the giraffes too much...

I'd like to believe that these screen printed giraffes are by Reich Károly, a much loved Hungarian illustrator - if you want to see some of his lovely illustrations, click here.

The crocodile finger puppet keeping the giraffes company was found in a London charity shop. I adopted him because I liked how mean he looks while being so lovingly handcrafted, probably by a doting, nimble-fingered grandmother.

It's been fun rediscovering some old purchases, but to be honest I cannot wait to go browsing the fleas again!

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