Monday, 11 March 2013

violet march

March has arrived here too. It's still severely subzero and there are big piles of snow everywhere but the sun has been shining a lot in the last few days so it's all melting slowly.

March is violet in Colour Me Happy land, but for us here it's way too early for that colour. I have been looking and looking and not seen anything in violet... not even in the shops.

I have tried my hand at rubber eraser stamp making recently. I dreamed of a deep indigo violet inkpad to print with but I couldn't find that nice traditional colour anywhere. I managed a purpley magenta instead, which is the closest I will get to violet this month I think.

Come April there will be a lot of pretty colours around - here's last year's example of violet.


  1. what a lovely idea to make rubber stamps, nice to create while you fast, and get out and smell the flowers - beautiful! Stay warm Aniko. :) Have you read any books by Paavo Airola? You might be interested to look him up. :)

  2. aniko :)
    lovely, lovely stamp!
    and a great violet!
    it's my favorite color!


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