Saturday, 9 March 2013

oh rays of sun I love you so

It's wonderful to wake up to the warmth of the spring sun breaking through your blinds and making ever so pretty displays in the room!

It lends such an inspired start to the day, even if the thermometer outside the kitchen window still reads -11. Time for lots of crafting, little walks and much yoga - on the 6th day of my fasting, I have a lot of time freed up from not having to prepare food and eat.

Have a lovely weekend everyone!


  1. Ahhh, the sun is over at your place now! I have not seen her for a couple of days over here….On your 6th day now, you must be feeling great at this point, lots of energy and not feeling hungry :-) How long are you going for?

    1. I started with juices on monday, and to ease the transitioning from solid foods I had some grapes in the evening, and also a couple of times green smoothies. Today is the first day of not having anything else but water with a little maple syrup, so feeling a bit lightheaded. The hunger is gone, but cravings come in waves... I'm just going to do water until it feels right, but definitely for another week. I reckon after Monday I will feel more energized! Loving the sun though! x


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