Sunday, 31 March 2013

easter greetings and a little catch-up

I hope everybody is having a lovely Easter weekend!

As to what's been happening over here, here's a brief little catch-up.

Not much thrifting; we thought it'd be nice to be able to get a few bigger things and also a food processor which would reduce the many hours of hummous- and other vegan food-making to hopefully much less time-consuming activities.

Much language learning and multiple choice questions answering; I have a big exam in a week.

Some undocumented crafting, and some documented ones, like attempting to decorate some eggs for Easter. I used onion skins and a beetroot to dye hard boiled eggs which I dotted with some candle wax and let sit in the cold dye overnight.

Then they transformed into a yummy snack for the boyfriend.

I'm still experimenting with foods after the longish fast, which are good for me and which I shall avoid. It's not easy. But the green smoothies and raw veg salads win every time, so hopefully the weather will be warm enough soon and we can turn our balcony into a salad bar.

In anticipation of the coming spring: Happy Easter everybody!


  1. Have a nice Easter Aniko! I keep my fingers crossed for your exam. Hyvä, hyvä!
    The dotted eggs look really cute.

  2. wow,
    so happy to be here, i lost your blog /my bookmarks, and could only remember woodlandhood, which i could not find, and your name of course, which did not lead me far...

    but doing some digging and dusting inside my brain i remembered something with idle,

    and here you are!
    happy easter dear

    spring is coming...

  3. the eggs are beautiful!
    lovely idea!

    happy april!


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