Thursday, 26 May 2016

dash, bolt, dart

You know that summer can't be far - or maybe it's in fact arrived - when a dropped ice cream greets you on the pavement and there is sand in the bed..

It's hard to know for sure for someone like me who's still not quite used to the Nordic nature's way of sudden coming-to-life after such a long spell of frozen not-much-ness. It all happens so quickly! There's so much green, and so much light again, so suddenly. The sun sets at 11pm and real darkness is the thing of the past again. Midsummer is only a few weeks away. I find myself blinking into the morning street scene: is it summer already? I think it is, look, people are wearing shorts! Have I missed spring somehow then?

Anyway, whatever the weather, it needs to be and will be enjoyed, that's what the little guy in front of my morning coffee sipping self is trying to say I think. He is my alarm clock, and as soon as we open our eyes it's dash, bolt, dart. He is revving to go at 8 am, barely out of bed, in a nappy and a pyjama top, one foot in a gummy boot the wrong way around, a baseball cap on the noggin back-to-front. He has so much energy, it's contagious. It is stronger than any espresso. We are always on the go, coming back home only to eat and sleep.

Yes, the blog is floundering again, no posts, no real train of thought, none of the plans materializing into writing about old hobbies. (What were they - vintage stuff and sewing?) As I have been looking at the ice cream cone picture I took, it struck me: that's what's happened here too. The ideas and motivation that took a nice round shape and gathered a bit of speed a little while ago landed flat on the asphalt of everydays, now melting away quietly. Hmmm. How to rescue that.

I'll leave you with that poetic thought because I can hear the washing machine beeping to be unloaded and the little guy is to rise any minute from his afternoon snooze. Possibly with one shoe on already, to go go go!

Tuesday, 24 May 2016


Everything looks so much better flanked by a tree with fresh green leaves on, soaked in golden sunlight and set off by a bluest of blues sky. We love our town when it's like this!

I have such a long to-do list which only grows bigger daily... the blog is on the back-burner yet again.

Saturday, 7 May 2016


Lately we've been having gorgeous and warm weather full of sunshine. There is at least two outings each day, morning and afternoon to parks, playing fields, playgrounds, gardens, tunnels, bridges, riverside, forest and walking paths. Saying hi to the flags and statues around town, of which most are stern men but some are bears. Not a lot of blogwriting involved, but I'll get there soon again.

Sending a big bearhug to all the Moms out there among you: women who have been or are or will be these bend-in-any-directions flexible, solid-as-rock, tough and tender creatures. Loving always with brimming-with-joy broken hearts, always open, always vigilant, always ready to respond to the call: Mom!

Happy Mothers' Day for tomorrow, Mommas!

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