Monday, 25 April 2016


During a recent session of the decluttering and simplifying efforts of mine I pondered the potential fate of an old photograph. It was given to me by my sister, and the group of people captured in it are of no relation. It's not easy to store with my other photographs due to its larger size. And it's not in a terribly attractive condition.

Upon removing the photo from its original makeshift frame I discovered that it had a beautiful reverse. I can't quite believe that I did not look before..!

You can read about the actual photograph (and its makeshift frame) here.

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  1. Beautiful! And I liked so much the story of the chocolate box frame! There are so many beautiful antique photos that I keep seeing at the flea market, but I also have storage problems for my stuff, so I restrain from buying them. From time to time, I pick up one that is very special for me... if I like the people in it, or the pose is unusual, or they hold some interesting object (a photo camera for example or a toy), or if the back is really beautiful.


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