Monday, 15 February 2016

thrifting with a toddler

I'm sure by now it's very obvious that I'm a big fan of flea markets, charity shops, junk stores and the find.

The preference for buying secondhand began in my teenage years. The cash-stripped rebellion evolved into a passtime, an interest, a habit during the 20-odd years that passed since.  Even having a child did not stop my thrifty virtue. However, having had a child did change how I thrift-shop: not just the frequency of visits or what I look for, but also what I bring home.

I realised something when I was thinking about blogging during all the non-blogging months: like it or not, my point of view is of a parent, and it extends into everything I do, think, feel and write. For a while, writing about a vintage vase or some dusty old teacup seemed so irrelevant in the face of multiple food allergy- and sleep issues. By now, the tension between my new parent life and the persisting thrifting-crafting-blogging self resolved itself, and the bargainhunting habit fits nicely into our life with a kid. Writing about it feels fine too.

So a little series of posts entitled Thrifting with a toddler is on the way. It will be about how a kid changed my entire life my thrifting practice, and what do the flea markets look like with the parent goggles on.


  1. Sounds fun! I'm curious to see how your experience compares with mine. At one point it was thrifting with a toddler and an infant.

  2. I'm excited to read this :) We're starting to think about maybe having a baby and one of my niggling worries is I'll disappear into being a mummy and won't have time or head-space to do the things I love, I'm glad to hear you've been successfully thrifting with your little one :D


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