Friday, 26 February 2016

flea friday: a little spice tin

Hurrah for the first thrift find show-off of the year here on Idle Needle!

The spotlight is on the little red cumin tin - it is from the same Soviet-made series as the sugar tin behind it, which was a previous find from quite some time ago. Just like its big blue friend, it has the suggested content written on it both in Cyrillic Russian and in Estonian.

I wonder what the complete set looked like - all red? Or different colours? How many spices did they think of? It would be funny to find some more.


  1. Can't you find something about these tins in the world wide web? Hmm, probably better to search in russian, which is non of my skills.
    Anyway, they look really cute together. Thank you for that lovley little Postcard. Made me smile!

    1. hehe, this day and age and being fully computer literate i should have thought of that too! i guess imagining to find more of this down the thrifts and finding it out that way blinded me to the simple solution :) i've googled and found that they were blue, or red and in a series belonged not just spices. here's a link to an example:
      i'm glad the postcard reached you and brought you a smile! x

  2. Wow, I looked at the full set, it looks so cosmic! I hope you find more of the tins. I have never seen these ones around here.

  3. I also looked at the full set, it would be amazing to find more, they're brilliant!


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