Monday, 29 June 2015

paper things

Let me show some paper things I magpied this month.

A book was bound to be in the mix - one of my Achilles heels when trying to thrift in a disciplined fashion is nice picture books. The one I got is full of stunning colour illustrations of the wonders of nature. The book is from the early 60s and the illustrations are by Rudolf Engel-Hardt.

I've been after a stamp collecting book for absolute yonks, to house the stamps I have waiting in envelopes to be organized. Got this perfect little vintage book that's not full at all - plenty of space for my own homeless stamps - but what's in there already is really rather lovely. Most of them are from the 60s, plus a few older ones too.

Also came across half a block of artist's tear-off paper palette sheets. I bought it to write letters on.

These paper things are for this month's Make, Thrift & Tell theme. (I have not managed the time to do origami at all...this little boy decided that he want to walk so I've been his enabler ever since, both hands full!)


  1. The stamps look very nice, I especially like the floral ones from Japan. I have seen a "I spy"-Book for children made out of pretty stamps. This would be something for your boy, or?
    The heat is coming to Germany, hope I survive it ;-)

    1. that book sounds very interesting!
      I hope you can enjoy the heatwave - we are having some warmer weather too (30 degrees!) its looovely xx


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