Friday, 29 May 2015

flea friday: owls on a log

Owls are not my favourite kind of vintage find - usually they strike me as quite creepy. These twins were different somehow, they come across quite cute, don't you think?

They are a salt and pepper set with a log shaped cruet. The material is silver plate on steel, plus a lot of tarnish.They will be shinier one day; I'm sure I'll clean them up at some point, although I wonder how much the tarnish might have eaten into that whisper-thin layer of silver...

I'm not filling them with seasoning - sorry owls - although they are in perfectly functioning condition. Instead I've opted for them to be in a decorative function, to keep a little plastic cactus company on top of a little shelf.

This is my second and final installment for May's theme in the Make, Thrift & Tell challenge.

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