Friday, 22 May 2015

flea friday: fat lava times two

When I was a secondary school student I loved literature class. I loved the analyzing and interpreting of poems, novels and plays. There was one poem that left me totally baffled: Ode to a Grecian Urn by Keats. How weird to get inspired by a vase to the point of daisy-chaining so many words into such a poem?

All I can say now is, that I feel the same way about fat lava vases - I feel like I probably could throw together a few adoring rhymes about their bubbling high/matt glazed beauty.

These two lovelies joined my growing collection recently, both found in the same Red Cross Store, both so cheap I turned them and turned them to see where was the chip or the crack (none found). 

The slimmer vase is made by Scheurich, the tubby blue one is by Haldensleben.

Not trying to compete with Keats here, but in fact I did think of a couple of rhymes when I wrote down that previous sentence further up:

The glaze of fat lava oozes and bubbles,
How sweet when these vases turn up in doubles.

The glaze of fat lava bubbles and oozes,
Long may West German urns be found in twos(es).

There you go, guys! I dedicate these finds (and the silly little verse they inspired) to my monthly MTT challenge and its current theme Double.

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  1. Ohhh love your fat lava vases! gorgeous. And your ode...horrible and wonderful : )


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