Monday, 30 March 2015

knitted dishcloths

Nimble-fingered crocheters know that do-it-yourself dishcloths are fun and easy to make. I always fancied making some, but just cannot make it beyond the long chain stage with a crochet hook.

Having noticed how simple they are, I thought about some sturdy, textured knit stitches that could emulate crocheting. I picked moss stitch - it seemed like the best candidate. It's chunky, it's bumpy, and the fabric edges don't roll like other types of knitting. So I sought out suitable cotton yarn on my thrifty rounds - each ball for a few cents - and cast on.

I was aiming to produce something like a swatch square, so I tried out 20 stitches by about 24 rows (then less as I decided to go smaller). The first square in turquoise shows that years spent without knitting a single row made me forget how moss stitch is done... I ended up with a mystery pattern that's like a strange version of garter stitch. Not the kind of texture I was looking for at all.

After I refreshed my memory by looking here, I did knit two squares in moss stitch in white cotton. I find them quite pleasing, especially the smaller one, which I might give to the baby to wash and play with at bath time.

I crochet-chained a hanging loop in one corner to each dishcloth square to hide the cast-off end of the yarn. Can't say that knowing as little as this simple beginner's step of crocheting wouldn't prove useful every now and then. I can only imagine what I could do if I could progress beyond that stage...

These quick-to-make knitted dishcloths were inspired by the Domestic theme in my monthly challenge.

By the way, anybody else out there who learned to knit first and can't seem to learn how to crochet?

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  1. I've learned both knitting and crocheting as a little girl and I enjoy doing both. But I have no patience at all for anything else than the basic stitches (both in knitting and crocheting). I love stitching away while letting my thoughts wander... cannot really be bothered with counting stitches and so on... although I do admire complicated patterns. Your dishcloths turned out really nice!


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