Friday, 13 March 2015

flea friday: a dose of kitchenalia

I knew I'm going to have an easy task finding items in the Domestic theme. In general, it's the most common type of thrifty thing that comes home with me: stuff for the kitchen. That, and baby clothes.

I've got a healthy dose of enamel, glass and - finally!- wicker in this bundle.

I'm sure I've seen these enamel napkin rings before on somebody else's blog - aren't they the epitome of shabby chic? They are charming but also fairly useless in our home; we don't usually throw dinner parties, and the only person we entertain at the moment is the baby. So they will just decorate a shelf for now.

More practical finds are the blue enamel Hackman wok and the yellow Finel bowl. The latter is rather precious, so actually it won't be used in the kitchen much. At the minute it's holding soft yarn for a little knitting project I'm doing.

I couldn't quite believe it when I came across yet another jadeite bowl, and what more, it had a little Fire King two tone bowl with a gilded rim nestling in it! Fire King might be a bit like buses - for a while nothing, then two comes in the same time.

For absolute ages I have been after a proper good wicker basket. Finally, I snagged one that was not overpriced, is not broken and is clean and sturdy. Its weave and shape takes me right back to my grandma's and the summer holidays we spent there as kids - she had a basket just like this one, carrying home in it fresh groceries and a few small pots of strawberry ice cream for us.

And to top off the post, I cannot resist including a couple of representatives from a large bag of little plastic figures we picked up for a coin or two. Can you get more domestic than a farmer's wife feeding a goose?

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  1. I always look for jadeite at the flea market, I love that color so much. Till now I've only found a small plate, but I do hope it will happen like with the buses at some point :). Like your Finel bowl, I don't use my plate in the kitchen, it holds some rings and stuff on my night stand.

  2. Such lovely finds, I love the basket and the yellow bowl, and I'm pretty sure I used to have the farmers wife and goose when I was little!

  3. quite a load of lovely treasures there! An enamel wok, will you use it? Curious! we don't use napkin rings either, they'd get in the way...

  4. ohh that Finel bowl is just stunning, what a find!!


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