Friday, 27 February 2015


February whizzed past at such a speed, I constantly felt like chasing my own tail. Finally we have a routine (yay!), daytime and nighttime are in place for everyone. The only downside to such strict(ish) schedule is that sticking to repeating activities more or less on the dot makes the days go way too fast.

There have also been many visits to doctors and injections and stuff, and a lot of clinging and crying. All a bit stressful, but a lot of time spent closely together. To make things a bit lighter we tried to squeeze in as many nice walks and snuggly singsongs as it was possible.

So, making and thrifting-wise I didn't get much done. I managed to embroider baby's initials into one of his blankets that I made for him last year, and framed a nice card that we got from a friend when he was born. Seriously, finding time to put a greeting card in a frame and hitting a nail into the wall above the nappy changing table counts as creativity, in a month spent with must-attend-to tasks.

Cannot wait for the weather to get warmer, and for baby to be able to do a bit more, like sitting up and such. Being stuck in a small apartment with a bored five months old is not as much fun as rolling around on the grass in the sunny park where there is a little zoo and various playgrounds suitable for all sorts of ages. (Have I just said all that? Sometimes it still feels very new and a bit strange to be this mommy character, head preoccupied with mommy's hard to remember what I was like before the mother angle took over.)

Luckily the snow is melting so at least spring is easier to remember now. And the sunny days carry on - sunshine, such a bliss!

The embroidery was inspired by this month's Letters theme - which reminds me, the friendship snail mail is getting posted soon, I haven't forgotten! The theme and link-up for March is being published in a couple of days time - see you then!

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