Friday, 9 January 2015

flea friday: dishy patterns

Not so long ago I found an enamel bowl with a loooovely sprayed-on pattern (remember?) to join my much plainer vintage-enamel-on-a-shoestring collection. There's a new, similar addition to report!

A smaller enamel bowl, with delicious colours in my opinion, and a funny pattern - a band of lace in minty green topped by autumn leaves in orangy tomato reds. It's such an odd combo yet somehow quite charming in a quirky way.

It's made by Bumper Harvest, just like the other one.

Nice vintage Pyrex in decent condition and with a new-to-me pattern is always a highlight of any thrifty outing - I'm sure I've already said that before somewhere around here. The vintage Pyrex gods were gracious again and I bagged this perfect one. My go-to site on Pyrex lists this as a mystery pattern from '74.

These patterned finds are inspired by January's theme in my Make, Thrift & Tell challenge. (There're others who have been inspired too, come and see by clicking the link!)

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  1. I have come across a few of the Bumper Harvest bowls with lids. I have a nice mismatched set in my shop right now! I always see Pyrex while thrifting but not pretty patterns like this!!

  2. well whatever the name I love that mystery pattern it's so cheerful! the odd enamel pieces is just that ODD and cool in a way. Cheers. Can't wait for make thrift and tell!

  3. I looove the pattern on the Pyrex! Orange is so cheery. Thanks for sharing at Vintage Bliss Tuesday. Jo

  4. Enamel pots get me every time!

    Thank you for sharing and linking up x

  5. The bowls are both awesome finds but I really love the Pyrex! What an awesome pattern!

  6. What an unusual combination of patterns on the enamel bowl, very special. Really lovely finds!


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