Tuesday, 25 November 2014

night time living

Baby is boss. He seems to still live in womb-time, sleeping long hours during the day then being much more awake and demanding during the night. So we live just like that; resting in the day when he does, all activity saved for later when normal people go to bed.

Our 'morning' starts at 5pm at the moment... just in time to put a wash on or hoover, go to the shop, cook. It's winter, which is dark and quite boring anyway - kind of like the desaturated pictures. The colours don't come out right in the available light, for long months.

Hopefully the sleep pattern will move towards normality by spring - that'd be perfect actually. The only worrying thing about the vampire rhythm is that our houseplants are wilting - they don't really get any daylight. For me, the blogger, not a lot of chances to capture things in nice crisp images either.

I've been doing a lot of pondering about the blog; being awake at night seems to still inspire my creative juices... I will share in another post about my ideas and plans. I'm excited about them. I think - I hope - they will revive things around here a bit. Until then, here we are: the ones who get sleepy at dawn because they've been partying (feasting on milk, filling nappies and being cute) all night.


  1. hei aniko :) what a cute baby on your shoulder!
    sending you many wishes!

  2. Seems like you have found a rhythm. Keep well lovely. Bee xx


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