Sunday, 2 November 2014


I had a thought the other day while baby was happily cooing to the Monstera and I had a rare moment to myself (which I spent slurping a hot cup of tea and fixed the fastenings on a tiny top). I thought that my chatty rambling style of blog writing might have to change in order to fit blogging into our busy days.

I'll try pruning down tangents and meandering words to make time to keep a little buzz on the blog. I guess the how-it-will-be outlined in this post best be excused and forgotten... The same way I had no idea what my life will be like when baby is here I have no idea what Idle Needle will be like written by a baby-wearing, breastfeeding, sleep-deprived new mom - but I'll endeavour to find out!

PS. It snowed last night!


  1. Good morning!
    Nice picture of your baby and the plant! Snow, really it was 20°C yesterday here. I recevied your email with the photo, thank you very much. Haven't had any time to respond jet. Live is busy as you know ;-)
    Have a great sunday with your family.

  2. Aww your little one looks so cosy and content, communing with his plant-y chum :)

  3. Gorgeous photo Aniko! Already at one with nature ;). It's lovely to chat! Bee xx

    PS Is that the beautiful quilt you made for the little one. x

  4. Love the photo of your little boy!
    Over here the moments which are not spent with baby are rare and in between as well - you learn to truly cherish them!
    All the best for the three of you!

  5. good to see you are doing fine :)
    you little green-boy is very cute!

  6. your totally right, prune as you need to, skip days/weeks as you need to, just take it all as it comes. No pressure at all


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