Sunday, 17 August 2014

sun prints

Seeing this sun print kit giveaway reminded me how exciting and fun it was to make sun prints for my graduation project many-many years ago... I used daylilies and different kinds of fabrics soaked in a cyanotype concoction I bought from a photography store. The above examples are some samples I dug out from the depths of my fabric cupboard; they are from that long-ago project of mine.

Making sun prints again would be a nice way to soak up and make the most of the remaining rays of August, don't you think?

Before I go off to enjoy a low-key relaxed Sunday, just a little reminder - don't forget about my giveaway either! :)

Have a sunny Sunday!


  1. Lovely! The indigo colour is beautiful ... Bee xx

  2. very interesting and beautiful!
    i have seen a tutorial for sun printing in pinterest some time ago.
    wish you a good wednesday evening! x

    p.s. i have changed my blog's name
    and here is the new url > :)


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