Monday, 18 August 2014

sewing like there's no tomorrow

I've been sewing a lot in the last few months. 

Most lately, I started on a receiving blanket, from a thrifted jersey that has the cutest Miffy-esque print. I still need to buy backing, and hem it together but it's almost there.
Before that, I made a baby sling from thrifted blue paisley and some tomato red jersey. It turned out to be too long, probably due to having to measure across the bump, but I decided I wait until baby's here and shorten it then.
Before that, I made another pair of thai fisherman's pants, out of a thrifted length of blue washed silk for boyfriend.

By the way, would any of you like to have the thai fisherman's pants basic sewing pattern in the post?

I changed my pattern slightly to suit my sewing preferences more so I don't need the basic one anymore. Instead of putting it in the paper recycling, I thought I'd offer it here in case somebody fancies having it. If yes, leave a comment below! (If there's more than one takers, I'll put the names into a little draw.)

Anyway, in my ninth month of pregnancy now even the goal of finishing the receiving blanket seems very ambitious.Although it's a matter of sewing around the fabric twice... I'd really like that Miffy-esque print to cuddle our babe so it will be the last thing I sew before I stop being creative for a while...


  1. Ninth month of incredibly exciting! Both my children were born in early September, such a nice time of year. xxx

  2. So exciting! You're nearly there now ... keep well and have a rest prior to the babies arrival. You deserve it ... Bee xx


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