Friday, 8 August 2014

flea friday: vintage Hungarian cheese labels

I thought it'd be a good time to show you my vintage Hungarian cheese label collection, while I'm a bit unmotivated about browsing in the thrifts due to the soaring temperatures we are having here.

These cheese labels were an impulse buy from Ebay a few years ago. I think they cost me seven pounds with postage, and I only had to very briefly battle with one more bidder for them... I don't look for thrifty stuff on Ebay anymore, but for a short period of time all those years ago I used to hunt for vintage paper ephemera on there.

I reckon the trigger for my bidding was the childhood nostalgia that rose up in me as soon as I spotted a couple of cheese brands in the batch that used to be part of my school lunches and elevenses for years as a kid.

And the ones that are older than me were just so beautiful - my parents and grandparents surely remember them. Just love their screenprinted colours and the lettering.

Before we moved countries, I had these old labels arranged and framed up in a big steel A3 picture frame. Right now they live in an envelope. After pulling them out for this post I thought I really ought to get them framed again - they'd happily hang in the kitchen and become best mates with our vintage clock for sure...

Sharing my vintage treasures via my favourite link-ups:
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  1. PLEASE these are gorgeous, hang them up again! WOW! I've never seen such beautiful food wrappers before. Love them.

  2. Definitely worth framing - such great graphic designs and colors.

  3. little art food wrappers!
    yes, you should hang them again!
    it's a pitty to keep them in the envelope :)

  4. They are great! I think framing would be great.

  5. Azta! Hát ez komoly "score"... jó részét nem is ismerem amúgy, pedig igazán nem vagyok mai gyerek. :D De ezek a címkék vajon nem is voltak használva? :)

    ági / iiiinspired

    1. szia! arra gondoltam hogy lehetséges hogy némelyeket ilyen címkével csak exportra gyártották...köszi a kommentet!

  6. szia! áhá, igen, lehetséges... különösen, hogy furcsa volt az ismerteken is az angol-német felirat. :) :)

    szép hétvégét,


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