Friday, 15 August 2014

flea friday: the case of the fifty cents find

The other day, while doing general food shopping, I popped in to one of the two local charity shops on my way home to see if they had a lid for my latest Pyrex score. And what do you know, a perfect one in the right size complete with the JAJ logo was waiting for me right there on the shelf, priced at fifty cents.

I was rather unprepared for this to actually happen - I had no change on me, just my plastic. I didn't think paying fifty cents by card in a charity shop a decent thing to do, the transaction probably costs more that that... So I delved deeper into the junk to see if I could find some other nice things to put in my basket too. 

In the fabric room, I pulled out a lovely old screen printed panel from a big box. It's a double panel, I folded it in half for the photo. Maybe it'd be nice to fix it on the wall properly above baby's bed, and perhaps later it could be cut up for a quilt.

I also picked up two squishy sponge cubes covered in a fabric with Russian Cyrillic letters. I would have liked if there was a third one also, but I didn't want to leave these two behind just because there wasn't. Baby has two little hands after all, so one cube to squish in each.

And then I came across a pile of lovely old Ladybird books, which I think surprised me even more than finding the perfect Pyrex lid on impulse... Eight sweet old English children's books from the 1960s cropping up in this small Finnish town... I was delighted! They also cost fifty cents each, so once they were in the basket I went to the till and payed up feeling rather happy.

I'm sharing my finds via my favourite link-ups on
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  1. What lucky finds! The fabric panel is beautiful. Wishing you have a great weekend ... Bee xx

    1. same to you Bee - have a lovely weekend! x

  2. I could totally see the fabric transformed into a (toddler) quilt. The books are lovely - I don't know them, are they wellknown?
    Have a nice weekend!

    1. i had the same thought - when he's older i make a nice blanky out of this fabric :) old Ladybird books are quite collectable I think, in the UK anyway. they are still in print though, but i think the older editions are nicer than the new style. a bit odd when you look through these 60s ones, in almost every picture everybody is smiling... so funny to see :) have a great weekend too! x


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