Wednesday, 28 May 2014


Oh, that so-called selfie... In other words the self-portrait, a picture of yourself, the (flattering) mugshot.

How do you go about it though, if you are a blogger as well as a shy person?

Shy as in not very confident in front of the camera... and maybe you are even a little vain. Shy and vain in the same time? Contradiction yes, but could it be explained easily like this: you think you are ugly...? Wait, actually you think you are all right but deep down you are afraid that you are ugly. Anyway, I seem to go through a lot of cringing every time when it comes to taking pictures of me, and it shows in the outcome.

So what's this all about? It's not about social media and selfies or such. It's about this blog's About page. And how I seem to have settled on a (kind of a) solution to include a selfie to give a face to this blog.

Because I know that it's nice to see the face behind the words. Hopefully it's still so, even if that face is from such a long time ago, it can be easily called at least retro...

While I'm trying to achieve a cringe-free picture of myself that is a bit more right now to put on here, I recommend Pia's post which is right on topic. Also have a look at Bee's selfie which is a wonderfully gorgeous simple snap - I want to be able to face the camera like that (and I want those glasses)!

How about you, do you find sharing photos of yourself on your blog or online easy?


  1. I like every now and then making some self portraits, for me it's fun and showing emotions. And I really like seeing people behind a blog, I like personal blogs more that the one where people just share things they found in the internet. Of course it sometimes feels strange, to know everybody is able to see these pictures. I like your selfie!

    1. in fact i really like your self portraits, you have a great style beautiful hair and a great photographer boyfriend! x

  2. i have a picture of myself in my about page.
    but i do too feel shy to share selfies in posts.
    just hands and feet :)
    like your selfie also!

    1. that's a really sweet photo of you! like the rosy cheeks a lot! xx

  3. I hate putting picture's of myself up. I got a few running around on my site though because of the weight loss but I've never felt a real need to put one on my about me page. Actually as a reader I can't say I really care if I can put a face to the blog. But I might be unique.....besides if this picture is you, then why are you worried? You look adorable! Just do five million of them, one will strike your fancy!

    1. a good advice - i've been taking more recently :)


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