Friday, 16 May 2014

flea friday: some more Granit

A little collection started a while ago, when I found my first Granit butter pot in a junk shop (which since sadly closed down).

For a short while, lots of Granit pots with different designs kept popping up on my thrift hunts, so I quickly added two new ones to my collection. They popped up so often in fact, that I left one decorated with little hearts behind, thinking that I don't have to buy right now, there will be more soon...Well, since then I have not seen any at all, so I'm regretting not picking up the hearts one when it was right there. Always a lesson to be learned, eh?

I nearly didn't get the apple one either, because it didn't have a lid. Luckily I decided to give it a home anyway, and now I use it as a flower pot for our Christmas cactus - they go together so well, and the lid is really not that important.

Despite really wanting to I haven't managed to gather any more info on these particular pots or this Hungarian pottery, than I did for my previous Granit post. I guess just have to keep an eye out for new info online and for more of the pots around. I'm hopeful that the little hearts design will show up once more out there in the thrifty wilderness.

Sharing my Granit finds with Sir Thrift a Lot, with We Call It Junking, with Me and My Shadow and with A Living Space.

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