Monday, 7 April 2014

slow spring (or the waking beauty of water and sun)

Being in nature always gets me a bit poetic. I love that effect, it makes me connect and feel the world I live in more deeply.

Spring seems slow here (compared with the rest of Europe) but I like noticing the slowly appearing colours, the different sparkle of cold but liquid-again water as opposed to the sparkle of snow or the frozen sheen of ice. I like spotting new life in its smallest forms too: the blooming algae underwater, the first almost-invisible blades of grass, the first wildflower, the non-floral bloom on the yet leafless tree.

And I like how people are when the sun is shining - full of good energy and friendly connection.

My language course that I started last year is almost over. The teacher took us to a lovely place again, just like at the beginning of the course. These photos and thoughts are from this latest course outing, a sunny spring day together by the calm of the bay, at the edge of a little forest - it was full of laughter, smiles, friends and lots of fluent Finnish conversation. I think I'm the kind who likes school much more as a grown-up.

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