Wednesday, 19 March 2014

squares vs triangles

Sitting down with a cup of hot chocolate, I made a plan for the quilt I have been thinking about to make. It will be a first-timer's quilting project.

The idea I'm thinking of is to cheat a little and include a few bigger shapes and combine squares and triangles in the same quilt. For a little while I considered hexagons, but I reckon it'd be too ambitious.

This is a rough plan still, but hoping that it shapes up into a sewing pattern with clear instructions in my head soon so I can begin cutting up the fabric I have already (partly from thrifts, and partly from a generous giveaway).

I need to track down some more vintage textiles with the right colours, patterns, weight and softness as well as need to do the more technical bit and get out my ruler, draw straight lines and calculate numbers.

I hope I can see this blanket through from paper to completion, preferably this year.

If any of you guys out there have some quilting tips for the first-timer shoot away in comments, it will be greatly appreciated - otherwise wish me good luck and smooth stitching!

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  1. your quilt sketch looks nice :)
    i am sure you will transfer it perfect from paper to reality!


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