Friday, 14 March 2014

flea friday: new finds of the favourite kind

Do you find that if you don't go to the thrifts for a while, and when you visit again you come across some really nice things? Or even favourite or coveted items? And sometimes even for so cheap that it's barely believable that they had not been picked up by someone else before you got there? 

Well, I hadn't been to the thrifts since Christmas really. Sometimes it's nice to allow for a break, so that's what's happened. When I visited the other day after all that long while, these were the items that I happened upon:

I love colourful vintage enamel mugs and bowls. This blue enamel fruit bowl grabbed me with its colour and unusual cutout detail. I have not seen this cutout kind of enamelware before. It's unmarked, so I really don't know much about it. My quick research turned up a similar one on Etsy that is marked Made in Bulgaria, 1970.

I have to say I like my vintage enamel a little chipped, for a little patina... if it's chipped in the right places, in the right way. I feel that this one is - what do you think? There's also some faint gilded detail still visible around the edge and running through the middle of the cutout design.

Another favourite find that I like to come across, if it's a nice example, is a vintage Soviet plate marked ZIK. Remember this soup/pasta bowl with the cute flower pattern? I found its friend - a flat dinner plate version - it cost five cents only. Happy!

From the pictures you might have guessed by now what the third find is ... It's also a much loved kind for both me and my boyfriend. I blogged about rya rugs and their vintage yarny cousins before (big rya rug here, fibre art here and chunky tapestry cushion here). 

It's very nice to come across an interesting one in good shape and admire its luxurious amount of real wool pile, the handywork and thought that has gone into making it; the abstract design and the nice retro colourways. It's even nicer if it's going for a great (small) price and I can take it to the till. I parted with three whole euros for this smallish rya rug. I think that's a sweet price for a favourite find.

This week I share with A Living Space, with Sir Thrift a Lot, with We Call It Junking and with Me and My Shadow.


  1. I love that colander, what a great color! And you're right, it has just the right amount of wear, I think. The rug looks like it's really soft. Thank you for sharing this at History & Home this week, take care. Dawn @ We Call It

    1. hi Dawn, what a good idea, it could be used to rinse the fruit too! thanks for hosting the link-up :)

  2. The fruit bowl is so pretty!

  3. That little dinner plate with the flowers would make any dinner a happy one. Fresh, sweet and adorable. xx

  4. Great finds! I love the little plate, it's adorable!

  5. I Love that rug! What a great find!


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