Monday, 6 January 2014

Craft It Forward 2013 reveal

It's time to show you what has been made for the Craft It Forward challenge I swore to complete last year - and I did complete it so, just before the year expired. I took my time, but I was rather enamored with the idea of making everybody a perfect little needle case for their 'idle' needles, so I exercised my precision stitching and my love of tiny handstitches to the max.

Here are the results below:

What else was in the packet? Here is Helene's, Anna's and Evdokia's example. I know that most of you have received the parcel and I'm so glad you all liked it too, and I trust that the others did so too.

It was a fun project, I'm definitely tempted to do something similar sometime again. I also really like both the sending and the receiving aspect of snail mail, I'm set on finding ways to enjoy it more!


  1. They look so sweet all lined up, so bright and cheerful! I love my little house but the fishes look great too! And yes, I have to say, your stitching is very precise!! Have a good week.

  2. What a lovely gifts you made!! Lucky people to have received them. I´m sure you´ll find a new project to join! Cxx

  3. One of the cute houses is now in my home - and soon it will be the home of some special needles.
    They look also very cute together!

  4. oh, i can see my idle needle fish case ;)
    beautiful all of them!
    thank you one more time dear aniko! x

  5. Ooooh, that is so cute! :-) Love it!

    Have a happy new year!


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