Friday, 6 December 2013

flea friday: a warm shawl, an old lampshade, and a festive runner

Hello again! Let's kick off December with some warming, seasonal finds.

Do you remember the vintage Finnish wool blanket that I had thrifted a while ago? I have been dreaming about a smaller version of it ever since, so I could wrap the snug warm woolliness around my neck as a scarf when I go out into the everyday winter wonderland of the Finnish cold season.

Well, what do you know, dreams do come true and I did find a vintage woollen shawl from the same designer in the fleas just recently. It's in the nicest shades of hot pinks, and is in impeccable condition. Now I'm almost always looking forward to braving the blizzard and hail every time I need to walk to the grocery store.
This time around last year, I found my first vintage scandinavian Christmas table runner. This year is luckily no different: my current (barkcloth?) find has really cute elves on it, and the colours are super crisp. 

Could it be that a seasonal thrifting tradition is starting? Well, if every year I find a nice table runner like these, it would be quite alright! 

Sometimes I pick up things from the thrifts that first I have no idea what to do with. One of those things was this old glass lampshade with an intriguing bumpy design. It cost next to nothing, something like 5 cents, so I wasn't too torn between getting it or not. I thought it would make a nice random ornament or a pencil holder as long as we won't lift it...

Well now I'm thinking LED tealights! This particular lampshade won't take a real candle because its plain glass surface is painted red from the inside, and exposed to a flame it would quite possibly melt or even catch fire. However, a battery one will light it very nicely for the festive season.

How is the festive thrifting situation where you live? Have you find some nice things for the holiday season?

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  1. Cool, I love the new table runner. In one of the thrift shops I visit they have a special room full with christmas stuff. It is really cool. As I walked inside in november the first time I felt like a child again.
    Stay warm.

  2. Gorgeous finds ... I especially love the table runner ... so lovely ... Bee xx

  3. That scarf is really nice!! what a great color, so vibrant. You will stand out in a white wonderland, in a good way!


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