Sunday, 24 November 2013

little lights

Still fascinated with the dramatic change in light conditions in this country. I feel I'm a little better armed this winter than last year.

I finally joined in with the tradition and obsession of lighting candles on the dark balcony at 4pm, and letting them burn in their jar as long as the wick is. In the kitchen the oil lamp is on, and we started to make room on the wall for the string lights. Of course we use our normal electric light fittings, but it's somehow different in effect. Darkness already begins just after 4pm and lasts til 9 in the morning. Its presence seeps thickly into the rooms whether you keep the shutters closed or open. Either way it is quite heavy on the mind. It's really soothing to light little fires outside and in the kitchen in a way that we see it from the living room.

I went to an interesting exhibition recently, and there was a neon installation that captured me with its glow. The two words mean 'I am' in Finnish.

Neon art by Marja Pirilä (I AM/LIGHT)

If you'd like to see what it is like in Finland in the winter and the summer, watch this video if you have a few minutes.


  1. Very funny video! I am also burning candles in the evening, just because it is so much nicer.
    Have a warm sunday!

  2. a big difference in light between winter and summer :) it's getting darker much earlier here too, but of course it doesn't last till next morning. i enjoy lighting candles too in the evening. it warms up the atmosphere and they are pretty too. wish your days are warm and cosy :) x

  3. Wow! What a fascinating video! The early darkness is just as amazing as the fact that during the summer there is light during the complete night! Thank you for sharing this, I never could imagine it to be like this. Wishing you lots of warm cozy lights this winter! Cx


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