Friday, 25 October 2013

flea friday: the best granny cushion ever and some other roaring finds

Hello again, nice to be back from the autumnal hiatus with some finds in tow that I'm quite excited to show off.

Every time I see this cushion I just want to hug it, it's so nice in the most brilliant way. I've been sort of fancying these types of chunky crosstitch cushions for ages, but to be honest not really a fan of florals or pixelated scenes (except for this one that I've seen here).

Well, this granny cushion is on a different level! There is a lot going for it: the chunky wool texture; that geometric pattern, all random and asymmetric; the freely combined, awesome colours. I even like that a trio of these colours look like the Hungarian flag... Can you spot it?

It was in the end of summer sale for a single euro in the local hospice shop. It found its cozy spot on the vintage leather recliner that my boyfriend bought in the thrifts this summer - I think it softens the sternness of the black leather rather nicely.

Then, a few objects of useful purpose - these could not be resisted and had to be given a new home.

Here they are. An alpacca ashtray - a bit rubbed but wonderful in its mid century modern shape. It was made in a nearby silverware factory which does not exist any more. Furthermore - and the objects I myself find most useful - an Arabia Birka coffee cup and saucer, and a Poland-made enamel mug with a sweet apple on it. How very nice. I do enjoy sipping my morning coffee from a quality stoneware cup that was bought for less than the price of a kiosk coffee... oh the joys of thrifting!

Lastly, an old illustrated book... of dinosaurs! I believe that the red binding whispered a roar to me from the jumble sale shelf with its golden writing on the spine. I was not disappointed when I looked inside. It's from 1957, and translated to Finnish from a Danish original. Beautiful illustrations every turn, and the end papers are simply gorgeous. I'm a total kid when it comes to old books - can you blame me?


  1. I love everything you found! My son would love the dino book - I always keep an eye open for old books for him so that his tastes and affections are not only moulded by contemporary images and designs. The cushion is incredible! I've been wanting to give tapestry cross stitch a try and that would be the perfect design as it looks lovely and is not too difficult (unlike the wonderful snowy scene you linked to!) looks like it was made for that chair!

    1. i'm hoping i'll have a small person of my own to share this book with one day :)
      this geometric design definitely looks easier than the snowscape for sure. you are such an adventurous crafter - i tend to stick to what i already know and takes me a long time to muster up courage to try out something entirely new... x

  2. I one found a mug like yours with the apple only it was yellow. Do you think it is vintage, because mine looked very retro. The book is great!

    Have a great weekend.


    1. Uhm, this mug could be any age really judging by its condition so can't tell its age hundred percent sure. I have some other easter european designs (in ceramics though) with stencil sprayed decoration, they are from the 60s 70s. The enamel mugs could be from around then too - seems it was a type of decoration for kitchenware at that time...but there's no telling for sure :) the yellow one must have looked really nice!


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