Saturday, 17 August 2013


I started a new language school again on Monday. It's nice to learn this hard nut of a language again in a group, in a structured manner. Also nice to meet friends from the previous course and nice to meet new ones too.

We went on an outing on Friday (yesterday) with the whole group including the teacher. It feels funny going on a school outing as a grown-up with other grown-ups, strolling around in small clusters, playing beach ball, playing language related games like searching for items on the shore and among the sand dunes after being given a list of new Finnish words.

I have to say the weather was just perfect for a seaside outing. The light and the colours were wonderful, beautiful, nurturing, calming. The steady but gentle enough breeze rendered the waves and the sand into tidy little rows. The sun was a light balm on the skin and the sea air a delicious refreshment in the lungs.

I felt so relaxed and happy, the conversation was flowing effortlessly - in that hard nut of a language. What a perfect day.

The perfect interlude to a very busy weekend, in fact. We are hosting a pop-up 'restaurant' on Sunday for restaurant day! We are making vegan falafel sandwiches, with home-made falafels, hummus and tabbouleh salad. I'm very excited, hoping that people will come and that the weather stays good.

Wishing everyone a beautiful, happy weekend too!


  1. It looks like a lovely way to have a class great pictures.

  2. This looks like fun! and what a beautiful sandy beach! hieno sunnuntai Cx

  3. beautiful place!
    and a very nice way for a lesson out of the class room!


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