Monday, 5 August 2013

mellow yellow august

I'll be early this month joining the bevy of the Colour Me Happy-ists, matching the month's yellow theme with the perkily coloured barn of the local heritage house.

It's a big old wooden house in the middle of the old town, preserved lovingly in its original state, filled to the brim with period vintage from the life of an average 1920-3040-50s Finnish household.

I'm posting a full separate feature on it in a couple of days, on Wednesday if you are interested - until then here is a little teaser of some details from the living room, the kitchen and the bedroom:

Apart from yellow barn walls, I'm also going to show you a yellow tassel in-the-making. Early stages, very early stages...I cannot believe how slowly I have been going with projects all spring and summer - I have vowed that this month I'm really getting down to business in the crafting 'department'.


  1. Great, looking forward to your post.
    Have a great day!

  2. ofcourse we're interested - I'm crazy about vintage decorated houses. :D


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