Friday, 23 August 2013

flea friday: thrifty new layers

The season is turning - it's still reminiscent of summer but the coming autumn is tangible.

This week I thrifted a couple of outfits' worth of new-old clothes. A red and white checked shirt with pearly poppers, some high-waisted dark denims, a pair of snow-washed drainpipe denims, a mottled khaki top, a boucle wool jacket, and a silk scarf in oranges and browns. Everything goes with everything in this batch.

During the last few thrift rounds I noticed that my attention is turning from bric-a-brac to clothing more and more. I guess it's brought on by the change in the weather. Suddenly I have a long wishlist of items I would really like to find in the thrifts - all clothes and accessories.

I've been hanging on to a fashion page that I ripped out of a french magazine ever since that little trip back in January... I'd love to compile a similar look for the coming winter for myself. I'm hoping to find a nice and thick vintage wool coat, some great oxfords, and some nice tops to layer... I feel not a bad start, for now!

In other news, I'm enjoying my course quite a lot! A great group with nice people and good teachers. I ride my bike to school and and back every day. I decided I will cycle right up until about late October, when the ice starts taking over on the roads.

The restaurant day I mentioned went rather well - we sold most of our food, and got great feedback. It was a fun but very, very busy weekend.

This weekend I will take it totally easy, and quite possibly go and look for some outfit building pieces in my fave flea stores.

What are your plans for the weekend?


  1. Nice patch of clothes there :) Gotta make plans for the weekend, still up in there. Hope to get as much as possible accomplished tomorrow so I can relax on Sunday and Monday when the BF is off.

    1. Hey Van, thanks! I hope you had a nice weekend - just seen your new post, it looks like you've done lots of work, so hopefully you had a free Sunday and Monday for pure chillaxing. Have a great week ahead! x

  2. hey aniko!
    again, it has been a while...
    sounds like fun, your language course and falafel stand. mmmmm i love falafel!
    and second hand is the BEST! always. i guess finland is similar to sweden in that way, flea markets in every corner?

    enjoy the week!


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