Tuesday, 9 July 2013

visit to Villa Mairea

The other week we went to visit Villa Mairea, Alvar Aalto's beautiful creation from the late 30s. I probably don't even need to write it down how much I'd just love to live in it.

My cameraphone images, although I tried hard and took plenty, just don't do any justice to the beauty and true spirit of this clever but full of warmth modernist building. So I show you the two best ones and urge you to see better portraits of this architectural gem, nestling among tall pines, and its truly stunning interiors here instead.


  1. amazing!
    does anyone lives in it now
    or it is a museum?

    1. hi Evdokia! it's like a private museum. It belongs to the Ahlström Corp. who own most of that land and area, and basically they are an old family of swedish-finnish business tycoons. They open the villa for public visits at certain times of the year, and you can go and walk around it, have a peak into the yard any time of the year. check out their link http://www.vierastoiminta.a-ahlstrom.fi/index.php/115.html
      hope you are having a lovely weekend! x


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