Friday, 5 July 2013

flea friday: a vibrant bunch

Summer and flea markets go hand in hand. Now that we have bikes, we can get around a bit more, and go further afield to visit junking grounds where we couldn't get to before. Today we are going to check out such two places but before I jump on my bike to do so, lets have a look at some things I picked up from the more local flea establishments.

It's always a pleasure to find colourful things with happy patterns - for decoration and for everyday use. I start with the decorative ones.

Although it's not old, I picked up this red wooden fish because its colour caught my eye, and its shape reminded me of kokeshi dolls. It's an instrument - the beater pulls out of its mouth and the hollow body makes a nice woodblock sound. Maybe a thing to turn to if all the music devices break down in the house but until then it's a nice splash of colour on the wooden window ledge.

The vintage fabric behind it has such a great colour story - the label described it as 'northern lights knit'. I just adore the combination of dark cyan, moss and apple green, sun and mustard yellow and the white.It's an interesting type of machine knit fabric and there's 2 meters of it. I would love to use it wisely. No definitive ideas yet, but I have been wondering about big floor cushions for a while...

Now, one thing we don't really need any more of is coffee cups. I couldn't resist these though, and they are big enough to be tea cups, so that's what I'm calling them. I really like their shape and they are my favourite thickness - thinish porcelain. I like picking them up by their dainty handles, like their translucent quality and the ridged detail.

The set as a whole has an eclectic look about it - the randomness of all the elements thrown together entertains me - very 80s greek borders and spirograph flowers with hypno middles arranged in a very retro 70s rhythm, applied on cups which have more of a 60s shape and the whole thing cast in porcelain. I love them. They are unmarked, but we think they are made somewhere in Eastern Europe.

Oh how I love finding Pyrex in nice patterns! I had to have this one with the cartoon vegetables. You can see my other Pyrex finds here and here. We use them a lot actually, not in the oven but in the fridge to hold salads, hummus and such.

Carrying on the vegetable theme, I would like to show off this old Jonelle fabric that I thrifted a while ago. It has an aged look about it, a nice and even yellow tinge- I reckon it was used as curtains. By the way, does anybody have any information about Jonelle? I have been trying to look it up but have found nothing concrete.

That's all for this Friday - let's hope today's junking bike trip works out well so I'll have some interesting finds to show next week too.

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  1. Such cool finds! I really love the veggie fabric I can see a big bag for market shopping made out of it. And it so nice together with your pyrex. Go veggie!
    Enjoy the weekend!


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