Friday, 12 July 2013

flea friday: bike trip finds

Last Friday I mentioned that we were going to check out a couple of new (to us) junk shops by bicycling there.

The bike trip was lovely. The weather was perfect, not too hot, not too windy, and the air was full of summer scents like drying hay and blossoming meadowsweet. The junk shops didn't amaze us as well with their contents over all, but on the plus side both were very cheap and there were a couple of good things among all the tat. Here are the finds we biked back with.

Orange colour is one of my favourites and this pair of 60/70s curtains won me over at first glance. They are a bit hard to photograph in full size but as soon as I have acceptable results I will show a bit more of their great retro pattern too.

The green storm lantern is perfect for us with a balcony, especially for late summer evenings to provide gentle light. It looks unused, and I also like the fact that it was made in Czechoslovakia.

Under some heaps of boring brick-a-brack there was a pair of tiny Bodum espresso cups to be discovered. Ever since I found a Bodum teapot, I've been having half an eye out for other vintage Bodum ware in pretty colours. Again, we don't need any more coffee cups but these cost us literally a few cents, so why not.

I really liked the wooden trivet so I picked it up, and only at home I spotted a faded stamp that states it was made in West Germany. Couldn't be happier. In addition, I found a couple of soviet ZIK plates too, which I sort of started collecting this post onward. I've decided to make a separate post on ZIK so I'll show my plate finds later at that time.

To end the post, have a look at these snapshots of the bike trip: my bike at one of the stretches of the ride and that perfumed wildflower meadowsweet.

Have a lovely weekend, everybody!

(PSSST... Tomorrow the blog is turning one year old, so I'm going to have a giveaway!)

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  1. Nice green lantern the wooden trivet i'm always looking for them I have 6 right now the glass mugs are nice.

    1. thanks for your comment Denise! this is my first actual wooden trivet - i've been using two vintage wooden flooring samples as trivets until now. it must be nice to have a choice of six nice trivets :)


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