Tuesday, 25 June 2013

pinky rose june

Before the month finishes I shall post something pinky rose in the spirit of Colour Me Happy.

I've never been a girly girl so pink is not my forte, but I have been catching a glimpse of this hedge every day on my way to the shop and back, and it keeps me wondering about its strange and progressive 'variegation'.

Is it how it's meant to look like or is it a disease? Not sure but whatever it is, it produces a lovely shade of pink, don't you agree. (By the way, if it is a disease - I imagine it as a micro alien whose sole purpose is to make the worlds it occupies a rosier universe.)

Oh, and one more thing before the month finishes - don't forget that Google Reader ceases to be from July the first, so if you haven't switched yet just click the button in the sidebar to follow with Bloglovin' or sign up to email updates with the button above it if you prefer.


  1. Nop, no aliens! This is not a disease. This plant is calles "Actinidia kolomikta" it is realated to the kiwi. I also not a fan of rose or pink, even as little girl I hated it. But your foto looks very pretty. I also think that plants can look good in almost every color.
    Have a nice day!

  2. It reminds me of pigment disorder, it's a wonderful pink!

  3. Yay for pink! Never been a really girly girl, I am just embracing it as I get older.

    And as for google reader - this clearly sucks. Really few of my followers have made the transition. Duh!

  4. if it's a disease, it's a pretty one :)


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